Cloud Backup

The video will explain you in 2 minutes how ASIGRA Cloud Backup works and how can protect your essential data in the case of disaster.

Why Asigra?

Where their servers located ?
–In two audited with SAS 70 Vaults in two different locations
Which certifications their product have?
–FIPS 140-2 à Highest Certification For Cryptography
Which big organisations they trust them?
–Coca Cola / NHS and so many …
How many security levels their product has ?
4 Level of Security
How many experience they have in the field of Disaster Recovery?
–26 Years à Never had a breach

What will it happen if you take advantage of the cloud disaster recovery?

  • With the cost of a daily coffee for you and your staff
    you can enjoy peace of mind regarding the security of your data by allowing yourself time to deal as far as the company mission and profitability
  • In the likely event of a disaster or natural disaster, you will know that the damage will be covered by your insurance but your data will be restored from the bullet proof ASIGRA Cloud.
  • Huge savings in cost & time since your data is instantly available

What will happen if you fail to consider a cloud disaster recovery strategy?

• Sooner or later you will be faced against an irreversible damage of losing useful data.
• If an employee wipes out data from computers, you will be exposed to your clients.
• The legitimacy and viability of your company will be compromised.
• You will only find out about this service after the inevitable occurs

ASIGRA Products

  • System Requirements
  • Pricing
  • Unlimited TB on same Account
  • Cloud Backup
  • Local BackupThe local backup is performed simultaneously with the cloud backup on a location you specify on your network.
  • Smart Phones/Tablets
  • Portable Drive & Shipping
  • Unlimited Licenses - No Fee
  • BMR
  • MS Exchange Server
  • Lotus Domino
  • Compression


From $11 /month
From $11 /month
  • Win 7 & Above /Android/ Mac OS
  • Prepaid Packages on actual GBThe customer pay on his actual GB wants to backup. For example if he has 100 GB on the PC he has to pay for 100 GB package.

ASIGRA Enterprise For Servers

From $26 /month
From $26 /month
  • Any OS Windows/Linux/MAC Servers
  • Prepaid Packages on compressed GBThe customer pay on his compressed GB wants to backup. For example if he has 100 GB on the server, Asigra will compressed those during backup approximately to the ratio of 3:1, so the customer will pay the compressed amount of data. he has to pay for approx. 33 GB.