Cloud Backup

The video will explain you in 2 minutes how ASIGRA Cloud Backup works and how can protect your essential data in the case of disaster.


Where their servers located ?
–In two audited with SAS 70 Vaults in two different locations
Which certifications their product have?
–FIPS 140-2 à Highest Certification For Cryptography
Which big organisations they trust them?
–Coca Cola / NHS and so many …
How many security levels their product has ?
4 Level of Security
How many experience they have in the field of Disaster Recovery?
–26 Years à Never had a breach

What will it happen if you take advantage of the cloud disaster recovery?

  • Just with the cost of a daily coffee you can enjoy peace of mind regarding the security of your data by allowing yourself time to deal as far as the company mission and profitability
  • In the likely event of a disaster or natural disaster, you will know that the damage will be covered by your insurance but your data will be restored from the bullet proof ASIGRA Cloud.
  • Huge savings in cost & time since your data is instantly available

What will happen if you fail to consider a cloud disaster recovery strategy?

• Sooner or later you will be faced against an irreversible damage of losing useful data.
• If an employee wipes out data from computers, you will be exposed to your clients.
• The legitimacy and viability of your company will be compromised.
• You will only find out about this service after the inevitable occurs